Comenius Project

We learn Different sports with our differences


In our country football is the most popular sport too. But we want to show our students the beauty of other sports, which one not preferred mostly. For example:tennis, athleticism, bocce, badmington, table-tennis and wrestling.

we want to work with disadvantaged students who can’t play different sports, we want to let them have fun and learn better with this sports. For this we want to go to  partner countries with our students and will let them come to our country too, by this way we can arrange tournaments and can give good ideas to our children and we can add cultural values to sports, by this way sports can shine our students’ minds.

This project actually aims to give good examples to the disadvantaged students who don’t have opportunity to make these sports because of their parents’ economical situation or who don’t have academical success. For developing these sports our physical education teachers or private teachers will give courses to our students. By this way we will learn each other sport and with the games that our students do against each other we will see good examples. At the end of our project we will prepare an olympic tournament with all participants.

In our project, we have a lot of activities. Each partner have to choose one of six sports branches: Wrestling, athleticism, tennis, table tennis, badminton and bocce which are popular and successful in own country, and each of them inform other participants in our project.

During the meeting activities, hosting partner will hold a small workshop among the students and guest students

In the project, each partner will establish a student team for these six branches.

During the project time, these teams will be trained by the teachers of school.

In the last meeting, in Turkey, an olympic game of these sports will be organized . Two students for each branch totally 12 students and three teachers will participate in this final olympic meeting .






Il progetto di quest’anno è intitolato  FOOD 4 HEALTH






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